How to Pass the CompTIA Network+... with Confidence

Sometimes studying for the Network+ isn't enough - we need a little extra help to feel confident and fully prepared to take, and pass, the Network+ exam.  That's where the Network+ Success Bundle comes in.

You get:

  • 375 Network+ Practice Exam Questions - covering the exam objectives, so you can feel confident and well prepared for the questions that you'll see on the exam.
  • 9 Network+ "Important Topics" Lessons - specific lessons from the Network+ objectives that are common sticking points for test takers.  These lessons include:
  • Ports and Protocols
  • Subnetting
  • Network Segmentation and VLANs
  • Routing and Routing Protocols
  • Condensing IPv6
  • Network Attacks
  • Understanding Switches and Switch Security
  • Converting IP Addresses to Hex and Binary
  • OSI Model
  • 5 Network+ Exam Strategy Videos - answers to the common questions that Network+ test takers like you have about the Network+ exam. 
  • Your Top 5 Network+ Questions Answered
  • The Hardest Parts of the Network+
  • Network+ Certification Clusters
  • Network+ Test Taking Strategies
  • My Network+ Study Process
  • Subnetting Cheat Sheet - a one-page quick reference so that you can get subnetting mastered.

Why a Success Bundle Works...

There are plenty of Network+ books and video courses available online for free or almost free... finding Network+ study materials has never been an issue.  

Performing on test day is - and has always been - the real challenge.

This is what the Network+ Success Bundle is designed to address.  Here, you'll get a collection of resources hand-picked to help you when it matters most - on exam day.

That's why you get plenty of practice exam questions, exam strategy videos, and even additional learning resources to help make sure you're ready for the actual exam.

In fact, these are the tools  I give my own students who are getting ready to sit for the Network+ exam.

A message from Matt...

Don't go into the Network+ less prepared than you could be.  Add the Network+ Success Bundle to your preparation now.

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