Cisco CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery


Be fully prepared for the Cisco CCNA exam by mastering configurations and troubleshooting.  Includes lifetime access and all future updates.
Troubleshooting Exercises

50 CCNA troubleshooting exercises to prepare for the actual exam.

Are you ready for the Cisco CCNA?

This course is for you if you are:

Currently preparing for the Cisco CCNA

Sitting for the CCNA again after an unsuccessful attempt

Already working in IT and want to pass the exam quickly

Introducing CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery

CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery includes 50 troubleshooting exercises specifically designed to help you pass the Cisco CCNA with confidence.  Inside CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery, you'll find:

  • 50 CCNA Troubleshooting Exercises

Troubleshooting exercises covering all of the configuration concepts on the Cisco CCNA, including:

  • ACLs
  • OSPF
  • DHCP
  • NAT
  • SSH
  • Switch Configuration
  • IPv6
  • VLANs
  • Static Routing

Matt Day, Cybersecurity Trainer

Hi, I'm Matt Day.

I'm a cybersecurity trainer and professional (and former network administrator) with CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, CySA+, Server+, and Cisco CCNA certifications.

I've instructed Cisco CCNA classes dozens of times in my career, so I have a good feel for where the CCNA hangs people up, and what resources help them have success on exam day.

The CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery exercises are what I provide my own students to help them prepare for, and pass, the Cisco CCNA exam.

Why the CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery exercises help...

There are plenty of CCNA books and video courses available online for free or almost free... finding CCNA study materials has never been an issue.  

But the hardest part for most test takers is the ability to troubleshoot the configuration questions on the exam.

This is what CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery is designed to address.

Don't go into the Cisco CCNA less prepared than you could be.  Add CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery to your preparation now.

When you sign up  for CCNA Troubleshooting Mastery, you get immediate access to the resources you need:

  • 50 CCNA Troubleshooting Exercises

one time investment

Includes lifetime access and all future updates.

I'm passionate about helping people start their cybersecurity career journey, and I look forward to helping you as you prepare for - and pass - the Cisco CCNA.

I wish you the best of luck on your cybersecurity career goals.

See you on the inside!