I will help you start your cybersecurity career.


Welcome to my personal coaching program - Cybersecurity Career Launch!

In this program, you will work directly with me to start your cybersecurity career - which you can accomplish in as little as 6 months, even if you don't have experience in the field.

This program is for you if you are in any of these situations:

  • You’re ready to start your cybersecurity career, but need some help and guidance to make it happen
  • You’ve tried to start your cybersecurity career, but haven’t had success so far
  • You've completed a college cybersecurity program, but can't find a cyber job

What is Cybersecurity Career Launch?

Cybersecurity Career Launch is my personal coaching program where I work directly with cybersecurity career seekers.  The program is built on a very specific (and proven) process I've developed that will establish your cybersecurity credibility and knowledge, and get you connected with employers.

The result is that you will become a viable candidate for entry-level cybersecurity and IT jobs. In this coaching program, you’ll receive:

  • My proven, seven-step process that you will follow to land your first cybersecurity opportunity
  • My resume blueprint – specifically optimized for entry-level cybersecurity jobs
  • My cybersecurity interview strategies - so that you can handle the cybersecurity interview process effectively
  • And guidance and help - directly from me - so that you can avoid pitfalls and get your career started fast

Why My Coaching Works:

I have personally coached dozens of aspiring cybersecurity professionals - who are now working in the field, and I will coach you too.

Over the past five years, I've provided cybersecurity training and coaching to several hundred aspiring cybersecurity professionals.  I've also personally coached dozens more one-on-one, and helped them find the cyber career success they were looking for.  And I’ve worked directly with cybersecurity employers who were seeking entry-level professionals, so I know what employers are looking for too.

Here’s what the coaching program includes:

  • 23 high-quality online video lessons
  • 8 downloadable PDF guides
  • Coaching and guidance, directly from me

You can listen to my podcast episode where I explain why I created Cybersecurity Career Launch here:

Things to keep in mind before you consider this coaching program:

  • In this program, I provide a proven process and the coaching you need to help you start your cybersecurity career.  Since everyone’s needs and goals are unique, this program does not include cybersecurity training.  However, I will help you find and evaluate the technical training you personally need to achieve your individual goals.
  • This program will take effort and work on your part. You should only consider this if you're ready to put in the effort to make your cyber career a reality.
  • This coaching program is effective even if you're a beginner, have no experience, are older, or just want to change careers. I’ve personally coached people in every one of these situations who are now successful.
  • Most people are able to get their first tech job within 6 - 12 months. Your particular timeline will depend on your background, personal goals, salary requirements, and of course, your effort.
  • My goal is to help you get into a technical position where you can learn and advance, since that will be the first entry-level step toward the career you want. Security is now deeply embedded in IT, so you will be benefited by targeting opportunities in both areas of cybersecurity and IT.

I fully believe in my program and want to help you achieve your cyber career goals when you're ready.  If you have any questions, you can email me directly at matt@startacybercareer.com.  I personally respond to emails.

If you're ready to get started, enroll now.

$117 (Discount Price)

$197 (Regular Price)

Frequently asked questions:

  • Will this program work for someone who wants to do freelance or part-time cybersecurity work? Yes. You can choose how you'll work in cyber - full time, part time, contractual, freelance, pro bono, etc. The process is the same no matter how you'll choose to work.
  • Will you teach me cybersecurity? Not in this program. This is a coaching program, not a training course.  As your coach, I will help you find and evaluate the training that will help you be successful.
  • Is the program suitable for a beginner? Yes. It doesn't matter where you're starting from. I'm only focused on where you're going, which is to get into the cybersecurity field.
  • Do you offer job placement? No. I am not a headhunter or recruiter. I am a cybersecurity professional, trainer and career coach that works with aspiring cyber professionals and cyber companies on a regular basis.
  • What about if I don't know what area of cybersecurity I want to get into? I’ll help you determine your interests in cybersecurity too, if that’s what you need.
  • How does the coaching take place?  When you sign up for the program, you will receive an email directly from me so that we can establish what your background and goals are.  From there, you will work through the step by step materials in the program, and communicate with me as you need assistance or guidance.  Communication is conducted in writing through the program forum sections and email.
  • What about if I have questions?  You can email me at matt@startacybercareer.com.

$117 (Discount Price)

$197 (Regular Price)