***I can't even count how many people have reached out to me from all around the world wanting to get their cyber careers going through this program, but are under quarantine or out of work due to the coronavirus.  While I can't run the program for free due to the cost to operate it, I hope that if you're in a similar situation this discount can make things easier for you.  Stay safe, and best of luck on your cyber career goals.  - Matt

The Cybersecurity Career Launch Program

$97 (discount price since we're all quarantined) 

$197 (regular price)


The Cybersecurity Career Launch Program will show you how to get into cybersecurity in as little as 6 months, even if you don't have experience in the field.

This is not a cybersecurity training. 

You already have hundreds of options to learn cybersecurity, prepare for a certification, and so on.

This is different.  This is a fully online, proven system that will show you how to get your cybersecurity career started quickly, often in as little as 6 months.

This program is for you if you are in any of these situations:

  • You've been thinking about a cybersecurity career for a long time, but haven't made the switch
  • You've completed a college cybersecurity program but can't find a cyber job
  • You want to get into cybersecurity, but you need guidance and support

What's in the program?

In this program, I share with you a very specific process I've developed that will help you establish your cybersecurity credibility and knowledge base, and get connected with employers.  The result is that employers will view you as a viable candidate for an entry level job and consider you, even for positions they haven't posted yet.  In the program, I've included:

  • My proven, seven-step process you can follow to build your cybersecurity credibility and knowledge, which will help you launch your career
  • A specific, cybersecurity-optimized resume blueprint - designed to work for cyber jobs
  • Interviewing advice so that you can handle the cybersecurity interview process effectively
  • Entry-level cybersecurity job success strategies, so you can get started in tech on the right footing
  • And most importantly, I am in the course with you, providing feedback, help, and guidance

And also these bonuses...

  • A pre-formatted resume template you can work from
  • Student success stories, so you know you're not the only one on this journey
  • In-class community forum, where you can share questions and ideas, and get feedback from me

Why you should follow my advice:

I have personally coached dozens of people who are now working in the field because of my help, and I will coach you too.

Over the past five years, I've worked with several hundred aspiring cybersecurity professionals to train them and help them find their entry-level technical jobs.  I've personally coached dozens more to success.  I've also worked with countless cybersecurity employers to find out what they need from entry-level professionals, and help them connect with applicants.  And just to make sure I've got things right, I've also worked with IT recruiters, HR managers, and even unemployment office professionals.

The result is a system that will help you launch your cyber career much faster...and it works. 

If you want to sign up, you have two options:

Option #1:  Complete Program

  • Lifetime access to all program content, including updates
  • 23 high-quality video lessons, covering everything I've mentioned above
  • 8 downloadable PDF guides
  • Student discussion area
  • In-class assistance from me

Option #2:  Complete Program + Personal Coaching

Everything in the complete program, plus:

  • I will personally review your resume to make sure it will be effective for you
  • I will personally coach you one-on-one to ensure you've achieved your goal of getting into a tech job

You can listen to my podcast episode where I explain why I created Cybersecurity Career Launch below.

Other things you should know:

  • I don't provide cybersecurity training in this program, nor do I cover any specific certification.  If learning cybersecurity was all it would take to get a job, every college cybersecurity graduate and every Security+ holder would have a job already.  What I do in this program is guide you through the 7-step process I've developed which will help you build cyber credibility and knowledge, and get you connected with employers.  And since you probably don't have a cyber career coach right now, you will also get help and guidance directly from me along the way.
  • This program is not a "go get the CompTIA A+, then an internship, then a help desk job" tutorial.  First, I'm not a fan of the A+, and I've seen both good and not-so-good internships, so I only support them if they are beneficial.  And while a help desk job may be closer to cyber than your current job, I've noticed that most of my former students didn't get a "help desk" job.  But even if they did, they were out of that and into a security or admin role within 12 months anyway.  What I do introduce in this program is a well-rounded approach to get you to do the things that actual seasoned cyber professionals do on a day-to-day basis, so that you become one as well.  You can see the course outline here.
  • I want you to be successful, so if you get into the program and then feel my process and my help will not work for you, I'll provide a full refund for up to 30 days after purchase.  (If you purchase the personal coaching option and I do coach you, I'll provide a refund less a $100 fee.)
  • This program takes effort and work on your part.  You should only enroll if you're ready to put in the effort to make your cyber career a reality.
  • This program works even if you're a beginner, have no experience, are older, or want to change careers.  In fact, it's designed specifically for these situations.  Remember, every current cybersecurity professional was at one point not even in the field at all.  We all start from nothing.
  • Most students are able to get their first tech job within 6 - 12 months upon enrolling and following the system.  Your particular timeline will depend on your background and effort.
  • My goal for the program is to get you into a tech position where you can learn and advance, since that will be the first entry-level step to the career you want.  Remember, IT and cybersecurity go hand in hand, and security is now embedded in IT, so we will target opportunities in both areas.

I fully believe in my program and want to help you achieve your cyber career goals when you're ready.  If you have any questions, you can email me directly at matt@startacybercareer.com.  I personally respond to emails.

If you're ready to get started, enroll now.