Personalized one-on-one coaching to help you start your cybersecurity career even faster.


Work directly with me each month to reach your cyber career goals even faster.

My Accelerated Career Coaching program includes monthly one-on-one calls via Zoom - just you and me - working together to get your cybersecurity career started as quickly as possible.

We will meet via Zoom for one 30-minute session each month for 6 months to help you achieve your cybersecurity goals as quickly as possible.  You will also receive all of the materials in the Cybersecurity Career Launch​​​ program in addition to our personal monthly Zoom coaching calls.

This is an intensive coaching program that takes what I cover in my Cybersecurity Career Launch program - but adds in the personal one-on-one Zoom coaching calls that some people want or need in order to get their career started, or restarted, even faster.

Because of the intensive nature of the Accelerated Career Coaching program, this is available via application process only.

To inquire about the Accelerated Career Coaching program, please fill out the form below:

Frequently asked questions:

  • How is this different than the Cybersecurity Career Launch program? The Cybersecurity Career Launch program includes career launch materials and coaching from me, but the coaching is limited to email/written communication.  This Accelerated Career Coaching program takes my coaching to another level by adding in 6 monthly 30-minute Zoom face to face coaching calls - just you and me.  The result is that we can get your career moving even faster.
  • Will you teach me cybersecurity? Not in this program.  This is intensive coaching, not cyber training.
  • Is the Accelerated Career Coaching program suitable for a beginner? Yes, as long as you're serious about your results and willing to make the investment of time and effort into starting your career.
  • Do you offer job placement? No. I am not a headhunter or recruiter. I am a cybersecurity professional, trainer and career coach that works with aspiring cyber professionals and cyber companies on a regular basis.
  • What about if I don't know what area of cybersecurity I want to get into? I’ll help you determine your interests in cybersecurity too, if that’s what you need.