Network+ Success Bundle

6 Modules 25 Lessons

About this course

The things you need for success on the Network+ exam - 375 Network+ practice questions, 9 "Important Topics" lessons, 5 Network+ exam strategy videos, and a subnetting cheat sheet.

Course Structure


Your Top 5 Network+ Questions Answered

In this video, I answer the top five questions that people ask me about the Network+.

The Hardest Parts of the Network+

In this video, I share what the hardest parts of the Network+ are known to be, so that you can best prepare for the exam.

Network+ Certification Clusters

In this video, I share the concept of what I call certification clusters, and you can use them with the Network+.

Network+ Test Taking Strategies

In this video, I share the best test-taking advice I've gathered for the Network+ exam.

My Network+ Study Process

In this video, I share my personal certification study strategy that you can use on the Network+ exam.


Subnetting Cheat Sheet

This subnetting cheat sheet contained the subnetting numbers you need to know for the Network+ exam.