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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Just getting started with cybersecurity?  This course will introduce you to many of the common technology concepts within the field. Includes 4 example labs for you to try.

Course Description:

Introduction to Cybersecurity teaches the cybersecurity beginner the essential technology concepts of cybersecurity that all of their future learning will be built upon.  Pulling from a variety of disciplines within the field of cybersecurity, including network security, scripting, and penetration testing, Introduction to Cybersecurity will provide beginning students with their first exposure to and hands on practice with actual cybersecurity technology.

In this course, you will:
  • Learn important fundamental concepts of cybersecurity
  • See common areas of cybersecurity in action
  • Try out cybersecurity technologies on your own
  • Find out how to learn more about cybersecurity

Course Information:

29 Video Lessons

3.5 Hours

4 Hands-On Labs