Cybersecurity Career Launch

6 Modules 13 Chapters 60 Lessons

About this course

10 resources to provide insight into what a cybersecurity career entails and a path to get there.

Course Structure


Important Course Information 1 Lesson

Getting Started 1 Lesson

Defining Your Cybersecurity Goals

We have to know what we want in order to get what we want.  In this lesson, we'll define what it is that we want from our cybersecurity careers.


The Cybersecurity Career Launch Process 12 Lessons

Goal Statement & Introduction

Discover what you'll accomplish by the end of this module.

Important Information Before You Get Started

A few important points to keep in mind as you begin this course.

The Opportunity Pyramid in Cybersecurity and IT

How to find the opportunities and high salaries in cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity Success Mindset

How you think will determine how you succeed.

Step 1: Reading Your Way to Cybersecurity Success

How to build cybersecurity expertise.

Step 2: Writing Your Way to Cybersecurity Success

A frequently overlooked strategy that can build your cybersecurity reputation and opportunities quickly.

Step 3: Implementing Your Certification Attainment Strategy

My personal certification strategy for earning multiple certifications very quickly.

Step 4: Leveraging Educational Opportunities

Strategies to leverage education to speed up your cybersecurity goals.

Step 5: Connecting With Cybersecurity Professionals

This is how to meet cybersecurity professionals and get involved in the cybersecurity community.

Step 6: Getting Experience Without a Job

Implementing this strategy will get you resume-worth hands-on experience within the next 30 days.

Step 7: Creating Your Own Cybersecurity Job

How to get an employer to create a job for you.

Have You Found a Cyber Job Opportunity?

It's time to evaluate how effective we were in moving through the seven steps.


Cybersecurity Resume Blueprint 11 Lessons

Goal Statement & Introduction for this Section

Discover what you'll accomplish by the end of this module.

Resume Template

A resume template you can work from.

Setting Up Your Contact Information

Exactly what you need, and don't need, to include in the contact information section of your resume.

The Most Important Part of Your Resume

The summary section of your resume matters more than any other section.  In this lesson, we'll write a rock-solid summary that is optimized for cybersecurity.

Documenting Your Education

The best way to document your education, even when your education isn't related to cybersecurity.

Showcasing Your Professional Experience

Your work experience can help you land a cyber job, even when you haven't worked in cyber before.  This lesson will show you how.

Documenting Your Certifications

How to document your IT and cybersecurity-related certifications.

Adding Your Career Launch Experience

How to add the additional experience you gained in the 7 step process to your resume.

Adding Your Career Launch Connections

How to add the connections you made in the Career Launch process.

Other Important Aspects of Cyber Resumes

A few final details to finish up your resume.

Modifying Your Resume for Each Job Opportunity

Here's how to customize your resume for each position that you apply for.

Cybersecurity Interviewing and Onboarding Strategies 5 Lessons

Goal Statement & Introduction for this Section

Discover what you'll accomplish by the end of this module

The Importance of LinkedIn

Leveraging LinkedIn to help employers find us.

Nailing the Interview

How to do well in a cybersecurity interview.

Evaluating the Job Opportunity

How to know if the job will be a good opportunity for your career.

On The Job Tactics For Entry-Level Success

What to do once you land the job.


Get Feedback 1 Lesson

Student Questions Answered 2 Lessons

Questions and Answers From The Face To Face Seminars

Questions and answers from prior face to face course seminars.


Course Change Log 1 Lesson