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5 Top Python Questions Answered

This article answers five of the most common questions about Python and cybersecurity. To see our article about Python’s usefulness in cybersecurity, go here. We also cover the best programming languages for cybersecurity here. One of the most common questions beginning cyber professionals have is whether or not programming is a necessary skill. While it’s […]


5 Must-Have Programming Languages for Cybersecurity

If you’re starting out in cybersecurity, probably the first thing you notice is the wide range of areas of specialization that are open to you as a cyber professional.  In this article, I want to cover a very important technical area of cybersecurity that is often overlooked, which is computer programming, or coding. Which programming […]


Cybersecurity and Coding: What You Need to Know

This article is about programming (also refered to as coding) and it’s role in cybersecurity.  To learn more about how the Python programming language is used in cybersecurity, view our article here. When many people get started on their cybersecurity career journey, they begin to assess which skills will be needed, and undoubtedly consider whether […]