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How Hard is it to Learn Linux?

Linux is a diverse open source operating system that has gained in popularity for its variety of uses and flavors (flavors refers to the different deployment versions of Linux). Many companies use Linux in their servers, firewalls and intrusion detection systems, among many other uses, so it has become more of a staple than ever […]


Is Safari Books Online Worth It?

There are several online learning platforms that are available for cyber security professionals that are trying to keep up with their education.  These platforms are a cost effective way to learn just about any topic you need, whenever you need it. One prominent platform is the Safari Books Online platform from O’Reilly.  If you’re looking […]


How to Learn Cyber Security On Your Own

Some people that want to learn cyber security are in a tough spot.  They want to learn cyber security, but perhaps don’t have the money or the time availability to take formal college classes.  Perhaps their work schedule is too demanding, or their work shifts change too often to make it possible for them to […]