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Is Cyber Security in Demand?

We hear so much about cyber security and about cyber security attacks that seem to happen almost weekly.  At no time in recent memory has any career field seemed to get so much attention and seemed to grow at such a fast pace.  Many people looking to choose a career field are now starting to […]


Cybersecurity and Coding: What You Need to Know

This article is about programming (also refered to as coding) and it’s role in cybersecurity.  To learn more about how the Python programming language is used in cybersecurity, view our article here. When many people get started on their cybersecurity career journey, they begin to assess which skills will be needed, and undoubtedly consider whether […]


7 Great Reasons to Get Into Cyber in Your 40’s

This post is about why you can get into the cybersecurity field while in your forties, or beyond. If you are looking for information on how to get started on our cybersecurity career journey, check out our Getting Into Cybersecurity plan here. You can also review our quiz on whether cybersecurity is for you. I […]