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7 Reasons You Can’t Compare the PenTest+ and OSCP

A lot of people are asking about the CompTIA PenTest+ and how it stacks up to more established penetration testing style certifications, such as the OSCP from Offensive Security.  Sometimes, these certifications are so different that it’s actually easier to talk about how they don’t compare, which can certainly be the case for the PenTest+ […]


OSCP vs. CEH: Which Should You Choose?

We’ve discussed the PenTest+ and the CEH (also known as the Certified Ethical Hacker) certifications before, and the OSCP certification by Offensive Security as well, but many of you have asked specifically about a comparison between the OSCP and other penetration testing certifications, especially the CEH.  In this article, I’ll cover the differences between these […]


Is the OSCP Worth It? Cost, Comparision, Benefits

This article is about the OSCP certification by Offensive Security. For information on the PenTest+ and CEH certifications, check out our article here. We also have included our recommended resources to learn penetration testing here. Penetration testing is one of the most asked-about careers in the cybersecurity field.  Being an “ethical hacker” sounds interesting, and […]