The Best Resources to Learn Penetration Testing

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Penetration testing is one of the most interesting and intriguing fields within cyber security.  It takes a lot of knowledge and practice to become a great penetration tester, but below we’ve laid out the best resources to get you started on your journey.

These are the Top Video Courses Available to Learn Penetration Testing

Recommended Video Course #1:  Penetration Testing Career Path by Cybrary.  Cybrary has a fully built out career path for penetration testing, which includes lots of labs and training for a few certifications, such as Security+ and CEH, among others.  The quality of the material is pretty good.  But it’s still worth the time and effort.  You can get access to this career path only through the Cybrary Insider Pro paid option.

These are the Top Books Available to Learn Penetration Testing

Recommend Book #1: The Hacker Playbook 3: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing by Peter Kim.  While this is a more advanced manual, any pen tester worth their salt will have this book on their bookshelf, so you should too. You can get it at Amazon here.  (By using this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission.)

Recommended Book # 2: The Red Team Field Manual.  Another book that you should have on your shelf, the RTFM is a short reference book designed for red team exercises.  It is available at Amazon here.  (By using this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission.)

Recommended Book # 1: CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Bundle.  While this book is written for the CompTIA exam, it is also a great all around resource to learn penetration testing concepts.  This book bundle contains both the all in one exam guide and practice exams.  You can get this book bundle at Amazon here.  (By using this affiliate link, I may earn a small commission.)

Other Things You’ll Need Besides Courses and Books

At some point, you’ll need to get your hands on some software to practice your skills, and that will most certainly including downloading and running Kali Linux, which you can get here.

Matt Day

Matt Day

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