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Are you ready to start your cybersecurity career? 

The Cybersecurity Career Launch program provides you with insight into what a cybersecurity career entails and shows you a path to get there.

The Cybersecurity Career Launch program includes 10 resources designed specifically for the cybersecurity field.  Separated into four modules, these tools provide cybersecurity career information, resources to start your cyber career journey, and the support you need to keep moving forward.  

Inside Cybersecurity Career Launch, you'll find:

  1. 1
    Cybersecurity Career Information You Can Really Use
  • Resource #1: Cybersecurity Career Path Guides
  • Resource #2: Interviews with Cybersecurity and IT Professionals
  • Resource #3: Actual Cybersecurity Career Trajectories
  • Resource #4: Cybersecurity "Areas of Interest" Self-Assessment
  1. 2
    A Proven Cybersecurity Career Pathway
  • Resource #5: The Cybersecurity Career Launch Process
  • Resource #6: Cybersecurity Career Strategy Videos
  1. 3
    Career Launch Tools Optimized for Cybersecurity
  • Resource #7: Cybersecurity Resume Blueprint
  • Resource #8: Cybersecurity Interviewing and Onboarding Strategies
  1. 4
    Personalized Feedback
  • Resource #9: Personalized Feedback
  • Resource #10: Monthly "Students' Questions Answered" Videos

Preparing for a certification?

These courses are designed to help you prepare for - and pass - your next cybersecurity certification.

All of the things I give my students preparing for the Network+ - 375 Network+ practice questions, 9 "Important Topics" lessons, 5 exam strategy videos, and a subnetting cheat sheet.

Make sure you're prepared for the Security+ - 225 Security+ practice questions and 5 exam strategy videos.

Master CCNA configurations for the exam - 50 in-depth exercises to help you master CCNA configurations and troubleshooting.

Hi, I'm Matt Day.

I'm a cybersecurity trainer and professional with over 20 years of experience in the field, and I have CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, CySA+, Server+, and Cisco CCNA certifications.

Six years ago, I began coaching students that were starting their cybersecurity careers but needed guidance and assistance to help make their cybersecurity career goals a reality.

I built the website to help them, and to help you too.  Here you can find the careercertification, and cybersecurity information you need to start your cybersecurity career.

Kind words from some of my students and followers...

I've learned a lot from this course, and Matt was extremely helpful.

Matt provided the guidance, knowledge, and inspiration I needed to grow and excel. I'm extremely grateful for all the help that Matt provided.

Thanks so much.  I was looking for professional advice like this!

Thank you for your impartial advice.

Thank you so much for your quick response.  You're excellent!

Great content!  Thanks!

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